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We’re here to help your local economy thrive. 

NDP is a specialised economic development consultancy. We exist to prepare, deliver and evaluate economic development plans, programs and projects.

Having many years of practical experience in senior roles, we know what works and what doesn’t in any given situation. And with a strong academic background covering many fields, NDP can assist with every stage of the planning cycle and turbulent economic times.

We appreciate that every local economy is unique. That’s why we invest time to listen, analyse and craft customised strategies and initiatives that grasp market realities and address community needs.

With a wide network of economic development professionals, NDP will put your business, organisation or local economy on a credible path to success.

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Recent Work


“Canterbury Bankstown engaged Nathan to write our Night Time Economy Action Plan 2021 – 2026. Nathan was very skilful and used his experience and knowledge to accurately interpret what we were asking for and needed in our brief.

As part of the process of developing the Plan, there was a period of consultation with businesses. This was managed very efficiently and gave us some great insight which directly informed the Plan.

Nathan delivered on time and to budget. The Plan was exactly what we needed and drew praise from inside our organisation for both content and structure. Nathan further expressed his own integrity in challenging some of the edits we wanted to make, and because of this we ended up with a much improved document.

I would highly recommend Nathan as an experienced, committed, customer-focussed, and very engaged consultant.”

Mike Thomas
Manager City Business and Engagement
Canterbury Bankstown

“The Hawkesbury Business Recovery Plan received was much more than expected. The format is professional and the research thorough. The plan was delivered well and truly in the time frame agreed. Hawkesbury Council have been very happy with your service.”

Amanda Kearney
City Design & Economic Development Manager
Hawkesbury City Council 

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